Neutricks Debuts at the North American Veterinary Conference

Orlando, FL (Jan. 17, 2011) — Neutricks®, a new supplement that helps aid with senior canine memory issues makes its debut to the 14,000 Veterinarians gathered for the annual the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando.

Quincy Animal Health, a leader in canine cognitive health and manufacturer of Neutricks® has already secured distribution with three of the largest animal health distributors; Butler Schein Animal Health, Midwest Veterinary Supply, Inc., and MWI Veterinary Supply.

David Merrick, General Manager of Quincy Animal Health observed, “The rapid uptake by these well established companies serves as an indicator of the market need for effective therapies in aging canine cognitive health.” Merrick continued, “Our message for the veterinarians is to be proactive with their clients who have senior dogs about symptoms of canine aging such as forgetting commands, changing sleeping habits, or barking aimlessly. Often owners may be hesitant to mention these behaviors during an appointment. Neutricks represents an opportunity to create veterinary-client dialogue about geriatric symptoms that pet owners may overlook.”

Independent research on Neutricks for older canines was conducted by CanCog Technologies, Inc., one of the world’s leading cognitive research organizations specializing in research for human and canine cognitive assessment. Neutricks significantly improved learning, accuracy and enhanced attention of aged beagles compared to the control group in a blinded study.

Conference attendees can learn more at the Neutricks booth at the Marriott, #3601.

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